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Promoting products and services via online channels effectively to potential consumers is the new normal. Up-to-date knowledge of lead generation techniques helps your business to succeed online. People explore your product features before making a purchase decision and the lead generation technique is a way to introduce new products. Establishing closer bonds, and staying ahead of the competition can be achieved with lead-generation techniques. Through lead generation, your company creates demands, helps marketing campaigns, develops the company’s pipeline and finally reaches the target audience across multiple channels.

At Jaivam Life LLP, optimising multiple digital channels in business to business market to generate more leads and eventually increase revenue. Email marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing are different lead generation services. It is a fantastic way to communicate with existing and new customers by sending your new product launches, company updates, events and more. Tracking the results of the campaign is easy with analytical tools.

Our Lead Generation Approach

Research and identify company leads

Research and identify company leads

Define sales process and sale funnel

The sales funnel is a result of good research

Determine the key metrics of the plan

Driving forces of lead generation plan

Establish Goals

What are you trying to achieve?

Vital Lead Generation Channels

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