Server Management

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Rapid technology innovation and market demand are increasing along with emerging global infrastructure platforms. Your websites and web applications on the internet must be always accessible. Servers might go down due to hefty website traffic or internal catastrophes. Server administration helps you be always visible and never miss any potential leads. Servers, on-premise or virtual need constant supervision and technical expertise for optimal functionality and top-notch security for your business.
Jaivam Life LLP, an IT server management company has server engineers adept in managing and configuring servers to fully utilize their computing capacity by the applications hosted on them. Unpredictable demands due to peak hour usage, and a need for dynamic allocation of computing resources necessitate the use of servers. Our team’s expertise in server hosting and IT infrastructure provides security and saves your corporate information from vulnerabilities. With us, your website and online applications are intact and secure.

Our Server Management Functions

Remote Information Collection

Remote information collection lets you know if anything is wrong with servers hosted on the internet.

Server State Information Collection

Integrated server management functions monitor state information collection and necessitate required actions.

Power Consumption View

We monitor and manage server power consumption using modern tools and methodologies as part of a comprehensive computing infrastructure.

Failure Detection and Reporting

Early failure detection and reporting notify the remote management server when a failure is detected.

Email Alert Function

Email alert functions sent designated nodes automated signals if there is any discrepancy or vulnerability.

Installation Assistance

We provide maintenance & installation assistance for servers whether on-premise or virtual such as offline maintenance utility and remote boot.

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24/7 hours integrated server management support

Proactive monitoring support

Veteran and experienced server engineers

Excellent troubleshooting & Backup

Secure integrated physical and digital environments.

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