Realestate Management System

A Real Estate Management System (REMS) is a must-have solution for real estate companies and professionals. It helps real estate professionals manage their properties more efficiently. It provides features such as property listings, tenant management, and rent collection, enabling real estate professionals to streamline their workflows and optimize their operations.
One of the primary benefits of a Real Estate Management System is that it enables real estate professionals to manage their properties more effectively. It provides real-time information on property vacancies, enabling real estate professionals to make informed decisions about property marketing and rent pricing.
Moreover, a Real Estate Management System also facilitates tenant management, enabling real estate professionals to keep track of tenant data such as rent payments, lease agreements, and maintenance requests. It helps real estate professionals provide better tenant care and improve tenant satisfaction.
In addition to that, a Real Estate Management System also facilitates rent collection, enabling real estate professionals to streamline the rent collection process and reduce the risk of delinquencies.
At Jaivam Life LLP, we offer comprehensive Real Estate Management System solutions that cater to real estate professionals of all sizes. Our Real Estate Management System provides features such as property listings, tenant management, and rent collection. Contact us today to learn more about our Real Estate Management System solutions and how they can benefit your real estate business. Optimize your property management today and improve tenant satisfaction with our Real Estate Management System solution.

Real Estate Management Through ERP System

Full-cycle Real Estate Development Services To meet the Industry's Growing Technology Needs. We are committed to creating comprehensive real estate management software for your company.

  • realestateAn expert team will create full-cycle real-estate software for you
  • realestateProperty management tools designed specifically for you to drive change
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Features of Our
Real Estate Management Solution


Budgeting And Accounting

The financial portion of our estate management system is fully integrated. It automates bookkeeping procedures and manages bank reconciliations, as well as financial reporting such as profit and loss and balance sheet.


Processing Rent Payments

The app simplifies the process of paying rent and managing it. One of the most significant features of estate management software is the ability to collect rent from renters on a regular and effective basis. The majority of them offer online payment options to their customers.


Management of Tenants

A tenant database can be readily created with the software's aid. The following categories may be found in the tenant database:


Document Management

The software can effortlessly manage important documents such as leasing agreements, government notices, insurance paperwork, and other documents.


Landlord Statement

Our real estate management solution provides a clear landlord statement with the detail of the amounts payable, deducted, and paid to the landlord account.


Billing for Water and Electricity

Where there is metered water or electricity, the software can easily handle it.


Managing Landlord Expenses and Payments

The programme takes care of all of the landlord's expenses and payments.


JAB ERP Software for
Real Estate Management

JAB ERP systems for real estate clients enable them to improve visibility and efficiency in their businesses. We deliver JAB ERP systems that can effectively support the reality of syour business while also proposing cost-effective solutions to your company's difficulties.

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End-to-End Real Estate Software Development
Why Choose Jaivam Life?

Domain Expertise

We customize PropTech solutions to address the business's, processes', and customers' specific needs.

Delivery Excellence

You can rely on us to offer tailored real estate solutions of any magnitude or complexity since we have worldwide experience working across geographies.

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Use our domain champions to reach your goals, whether it's a new real estate app or the modernisation of a legacy system.

New Gen Technologies

We can produce market-leading goods using the next-generation tech stack and know-how.

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Boost your workforce's productivity

Only user-friendly real estate software solutions are developed by us. You won't have to waste time training your employees. Eliminating training and allowing consumers to jump right in boosts your company's efficiency substantially.


Prepare to scale

Our business analysts and product designers are always looking ahead. It's critical to keep an eye on the trends when developing a scalable product for future business growth.


Boost your safety

All of our products are secure against data breaches and cyber-attacks. In order to adequately safeguard your data and users, we strictly adhere to your local rules.


Activate digital channels

Real estate mobile apps and web products provide additional monetization potential. Increase your return on investment by reaching out to new audiences.

Use Our Real Estate Software Development To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Build coherent, facility-specific real estate software to uncover hidden revenue prospects and better manage your premises. We assist companies in streamlining procedures and increasing operational efficiency.

We create cutting-edge real estate online and mobile applications and provide real estate businesses with custom-tailored solutions.

Custom Real Estate Software Solution

Our custom-made solutions will help you get ahead of the competition by putting your real estate administration software in place.

Are you looking to work with a strategic real estate software development company? Jaivam Life can help.

The real estate industry is one that is always evolving and will not remain static for the rest of its existence. As a result, the sector just needs a highly efficient solution for controlling operations from beginning to end. Seek for real estate software development services to expand your reach. For more information, please contact us.

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