JL Suite

Revolutionize Your Business Operations with JL Suite's Dynamic ERP Solutions

JL Suit is an automated ERP solution developed by Jaivam Life LLP which covers all functionalities needed for any business vertical.This can be used company— wide for the management of business processes.

JL Suit is enriched with modules like HRMS, Project Management System, Maintenance Module, Manufacturing Module, Point of Sale, Invoicing Module, CRM Module, Purchase Module, Calendar Module, Dashboard, Contact Module, Notes, Live Chat, Discuss, Marketing Module, Sales, Inventory, CSMS, T connector, Accounting Module, Logistics Management System and Pharmacy Management System.

Essential ERP Solutions: Empowering Businesses with Core Functionality

Discover the core building blocks of our ERP solutions, whether you choose our pre-packaged offerings or opt for a customized ERP tailored to your specific business needs. From comprehensive CRM and HRMS modules to robust accounting and project management capabilities, our essential ERP solutions provide the fundamental tools necessary for efficient and streamlined operations.

Expand Your ERP Capabilities with Enhanced Solutions

Take your business to new heights with our optional ERP solutions, designed to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need advanced manufacturing capabilities, integrated point-of-sale systems, or efficient marketing and sales tools, our customizable enhancements offer a range of modules that can be seamlessly integrated into your JL Suite ERP.


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