AI Tracking System

Introducing AI Tracking System by Jaivam Life LLP, a cutting-edge software solution that revolutionizes the way you track and monitor the movement of packages, parcels, and processes. Powered by artificial intelligence, our state-of-the-art technology provides real-time insights, ensuring seamless visibility and efficiency throughout the entire delivery journey. Experience the future of tracking with AI Tracking System today.

What is it capable of?

Experience the power of AI Tracking System and revolutionize your package tracking and monitoring. With real-time updates, seamless integration, and accurate estimated delivery time prediction, our comprehensive solution elevates your logistics operations. Transform the way you track and monitor packages today.

  • realestateStay updated with the precise location and status of your packages in real-time.
  • realestateStreamline the tracking process across various entry points using advanced teachnology.
  • realestateBenefit from AI-powered algorithms that provide accurate estimates of package arrival, optimizing your logistics operations.

Core Features

Experience the comprehensive capabilities of AI Tracking System and transform your package tracking and monitoring process today.


Real-time Package Tracking:

Our AI Tracking System excels in providing continuous and accurate updates on the status of packages or parcels, ensuring seamless visibility throughout their entire journey.


Multiple UI Modes:

With two distinct UI modes, the system caters to both users and admins. Admins can effortlessly input package details and movements, while users can conveniently enter their tracking ID to access real-time status updates at their convenience.


Integration of GPS, RFID, and QR Codes:

Leveraging advanced technologies, including GPS, RFID, and QR Codes, our system simplifies the process of updating package status as they move from one entry point to another, ensuring effortless and accurate tracking.


Manual and Automatic Operation:

Our flexible solution allows for both manual and automatic operation and updates, giving you the freedom to choose the most suitable approach for your tracking needs.


Seamless Integration with Existing Systems:

Through an API, AI Tracking System seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enabling businesses to incorporate our solution into their websites and provide users with a user-friendly platform to track their packages easily.


AI Buddy Integration:

By integrating AI Buddy, users can effortlessly generate email content related to package movements, improving communication efficiency and ensuring clear and concise updates.


Estimated Delivery Time Prediction:

Our system calculates the estimated time for package delivery based on various factors, including historical data and previous delivery history. It also considers the mode of transport selected, providing accurate predictions and optimizing logistics operations.


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