Benefits of TubeBuddy for a YouTube Channel

Your Google Chrome browser's TubeBuddy addon has been approved by YouTube. After installing TubeBuddy, a whole new set of helpful tools become available when you browse YouTube.

The tools provided by TubeBuddy were created to help you save time and effort while carrying out some of the more routine duties associated with maintaining a YouTube channel, such as adding cards. While many of TubeBuddy's features are absolutely free to use, some may call for a license fee.


1) An increase in output and productivity

A Pro license entitles you to free usage of the majority of TubeBuddy's productivity tools.

You can save time by using these tools to make prepared responses or templates for cards and remarks. Additionally, they'll make it simpler to prepare your YouTube videos for publication and easy to embed them.

For instance, there's a considerable probability that you'll create the same YouTube Card for each video you upload. Use TubeBuddy to make a video template to avoid this laborious work.

It is merely another tool that can enable you to do more tasks. Save any video ideas you have or receive in a queue so you don't forget what you want to record next.

2) The card-specific bulk copy tools

Two of the best ways to save time in this section are the Bulk Copy tools for cards and the Bulk Copy tools for annotations. You won't need to keep making the same ones because these are already available. After that, you may use the Bulk Update option to update all of your cards and notes at once.

All of your videos can link to a personal website using a YouTube Card, but if you change your website, all of your YouTube Cards will be changed simultaneously.

Bulk Thumbnail Overlays are one of the additional features. You may quickly and easily add a logo to each of your current video thumbnails with this tool.

3) Immediately improve the tags on your videos

TubeBuddy's SEO Tools can assist with optimizing your videos for search engines. A Star license for some of these tools is necessary.

One of the best free tools in this category is widely regarded as View and Copy Video Tags. You can use this function to copy the tags of other individuals. You will be shown the keyword density of your rivals (and look for opportunities to target them more effectively).

Automating this process rather than manually writing out tags that should be identical to those on an existing film could help you save time.

4) Useful information

The most helpful information can be found in the "Data and Research Tools" and "Best Time to Publish" sections. When a video is posted, it may directly affect how many times it is watched, however the best time to post may differ depending on who is viewing your channel and what their interests are. The free programme TubeBuddy gives you the best time of day to publish movies to your channel.

One should give TubeBuddy, a YouTube growth, a try.

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