Must Have Features OF An E-commerce Mobile App

Awareness of technology and an increasing focus on the quality of life is becoming a distinguishing trait of the current generation. E-commerce mobile apps which are now an integral part of our daily lives are designed to manage users with quality services and experiences. Following are some of the preferred features:

  1. It should be tailored or custom-made for each client.

  2. A customer's ability to download an app, register with the company, and then log in to use it, has to be as seamless as possible. It would be preferable if the customers can just use their email addresses as their login, and then log in through an external account like that with Google or Facebook.

  3. Must have a very easy-to-use method of filtering and sorting the products, making for a pleasant user experience.

  4. Detailed product information. This may seem counterintuitive in a mobile app, but it is not. By providing all the information, the customer makes an informed decision, reducing the chances of product returns and dissatisfaction.

  5. High-quality photo galleries with 3D product visualization. This makes the shopping experience as enjoyable as that of a real physical shop.

  6. A digital shopping cart. This allows the customer to make multiple purchases and then either do one single checkout or come back at a later time, maybe add more products, and then checkout.

  7. Multiple shipping/delivery options, showing delivery time and probable costs is a MUST HAVE feature

  8. Highly secure in-app payment systems are also a MUST HAVE feature. It would be highly desirable to have multiple payment options like Direct Bank Payment; all major credit cards; all the popular Mobile Wallets.

  9. Ability to return the products and check on the return status.

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