5 Ways Infographics Can Help Your Content Strategy

Do you use infographics in your content strategy? Otherwise, you may be missing out on valuable digital marketing opportunities. Infographics are a visually appealing technique to condense facts and share information with content consumers in a more persuading, engaging way.

They have the ability to attract readers in a way that words alone cannot.

Here are five advantages of infographics and reasons why you shouldn't ignore them.

1. Infographics Capture Interest

People are drawn to visual features that catch their attention because they are visual animals - 90% of the information conveyed to your brain is visual.

Every piece of marketing information aims to catch your attention, and infographics do this by using graphic design components that guide you through the "narrative" while maintaining it.

2. Create content that can be shared

As a content marketer, you want as many people as possible to access, read, and engage with your content. Since infographics are the most popular and widely shared types of material on social media, publishing your content as one increases the likelihood that it will be viewed and shared. You might be able to increase the number of people who share your infographics on various platforms by including embed codes or social sharing buttons.

3. Raise brand awareness

The mere-exposure effect, a phenomenon in which consumers develop a liking for a brand simply by seeing its name in the background of their daily lives, can help you improve brand awareness if you generate shareable, well-branded content. Because infographics are more memorable than plain text, they can encourage potential customers to connect your brand favourably even before they are ready to make a purchase decision. To brand your infographics, use easily identifiable logos, colours, typefaces, and styles that are unique to your firm. You can also include company names, website URLs, and social media handles in your infographics to improve brand recognition online.

4. Reuse previous content

Why not make the most of your previous content marketing efforts by turning it into highly shareable infographics? You've already put in a lot of work on those themes. You won't need to start from zero or come up with new ideas when using this content marketing strategy, which can save you time. Instead, you may create a tonne of infographics using content from previous blog posts, ebooks, webpages, and other things your brand has produced.

5. They are excellent for SEO

As previously said, images are considerably more "share-worthy" than conventional text-based material. Due to the click-through, like-and-share characteristics of infographics, Google will index your website higher as a result, due to the "Page Rank" algorithm.

Therefore, not only are people more inclined to share your infographic, but Google also considers it to be more shareable and is therefore more likely to rank your page higher.

End Point

In summary, your content strategy should include a variety of content formats, but the infographic should be at the top of the list. Our experts at Jaivam Life LLP can help you with creating attractive infographics and sharing in it social media platforms to improve your branding. visit https://jaivamlife.com


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